Pixel Universe Roadmap Timeline

  • Issuance of GameFi exclusive NFTs
  • Pixel Battle (Contents Ecosystem)
    • Alpha Service : Single Content
    • Beta Service : Multi Content
  • Pixel M Service (Mobile Ecosystem)
  • Creation and trading of governance token PWC
  • PixelBattle
    • Arena Mode Revamp
    • Guild System
  • Pixel M
    • Goods utility & Swap
    • Game content update
    • NFT items issuance
  • Bank System – PWC Swap
  • Prototype of DeFi Service

GameFi Expansion

Platform Ecosystem

Pixel Universe 2024 Development Schedule

In 2024, we aim to further enhance the functionality of the existing game platform to increase pilot satisfaction. Additionally, we plan to introduce key features of GameFi and attempt to organically integrate them. Therefore, we will divide development into GameFi and platform sectors, and gradually open them to the pilots for public release.

1st QExpansion of Pixel M currency utility and Content UpdateRevamp of the Pixel Universe official website
2nd QPixel M items and a user-to-user trading systemRevamp of Pixel Battle Arena Mode
3rd QPixel M & Pixel Battle CoreStone – Core – PWC Swap systemGuild System
4th QIntroduction of DeFi ServiceMobile Control Game Contents

Game Contents

We have established a gaming environment that encompasses both PC and Mobile through PixelBattle and PixelM. These platforms serve as the primary consumption destination for assets produced by members and the main stage for activities aimed at sourcing materials necessary for production. Moving forward, we will enrich existing content further and create new diverse content to foster platform expansion.

Since the open beta, Arena Mode has garnered continuous interest and participation from many users. Numerous pilots have been providing various feedback for improvements. Based on this feedback, we plan to significantly enhance Arena Mode to make existing PvP content even more enjoyable.

Pixel M, launched in the fall of 2023, has achieved a record-breaking milestone by surpassing 2,000 daily active users in a short period, garnering love from many users. We plan to introduce new features to provide even more enjoyment for our pilots. Additionally, we will expand various fun elements that allow users to utilize the currency they have acquired so far.

While pilots can enjoy the game on their own, they will have the opportunity to experience various adventures when playing with many other users. To facilitate this, we are preparing for the development of a guild system.

The idle elements of Pixel M have been evaluated as suitable for busy modern individuals. However, there is a persistent demand for traditional control-based games. In response to this, we are preparing a mobile platform game that incorporates control elements. This is expected to be a factor in further expanding the ecosystem of Pixel Universe.

Utility Contents

Using materials and currency obtained through gameplay to supply the game or provide various functions.

Users can combine their owned Mecha NFTs with separate breeding items to probabilistically obtain unique Mecha NFTs with unique appearances and functional changes. To enhance trading activity among holders of breeding items, we plan to design them to influence the grade of the resulting Mecha NFTs based on their respective grades.

It is possible to create items by combining various consumable contents that are in high demand among many users with raw materials that can be discovered in the ecosystem.

For example, users can create maps usable in Pixel Battle Arena Mode. By utilizing map mechanics provided/distributed by the development team, they can design their own creative maps and supply them to other users.

Through mining exploration in Pixel M, players can combine the ores obtained to craft items usable in the content. These items can increase the abilities of game characters to a certain level or be used for breeding, and they can be crafted and distributed.

To produce various items in the Creating Studio, you need to equip tools for each item. These tools, essential components for becoming a professional creator, can be issued as NFTs for use.


We provide system components that allow members to actually use the elements of GameFi.

A marketplace where products created by creators, as well as advanced mines and maps developed aesthetically and functionally can be traded.

This is a product where PWC, the currency used in the market, can be staked for a certain period to obtain stable returns. It will be designed with a structure that regulates liquidity and enables the generation of additional income through leverage.

This is a profit-generating product that utilizes idle NFTs held by multiple Mecha NFT holders. By introducing a tiered pricing system, other users can utilize these NFTs at a lower price than purchasing them outright. With confirmed-grade NFTs, users can increase their chances of winning in the game, allowing more users to experience gameplay using NFTs. Holders receive a portion of the rewards from users who utilize their NFTs, allowing them to operate a profit model for idle NFTs.

Based on this, we can expect to secure a large user base and activate secondary trading through the expansion of NFT utility.

We record the activities of other users in each sector of the marketplace and introduce a ranking system based on periods to provide additional rewards. This encourages users to actively utilize the marketplace.

We provide opportunities for users to exhibit and showcase the products they own and achievements they have accomplished within the ecosystem. Users can create and manage separate communities based on the products and records they own in their individual collections.