Always PixelBattle

Pixel M requires minimum attention and simple clicks to gather resources and designed as the simplest tool for players to join the ecosystem.

Special features by Pixel M are as follow

  • It can be played without NFTs. Different resource gathering capabilities depending on the rarity of Mecha NFTs (Minted and airdropped Mecha NFTs can be applied on the mobile app).
  • Basic novice Mecha is provided for Combat / Mining Mode (Can’t be minted into NFT).
  • Resources can be earned over time by simply clicking.
  • Ad watching provides rewards which is similar to general mobile app experience.
  • Additional rewards from referral codes and friend invitations.

PixelM Game mode


CoreStone is a type of resource that can be obtained and used on Pixel M.
Update that allows transferring CoreStones to Pixel Battle is planned in the future. CoreStones will be exchanged for Cores automatically on Pixel Battle.

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