Battle Royale Shooting GameFi

Players from the traditional Web2 market, as well as players from the existing blockchain market, continue to connect with players from various environments and roles to create a game that contributes to the interaction between players to culminate in a variety of novel variables leading to more fun.

Battle Royale Shooting GameFi

Beta Version – Youtube

PixelBattle 3 Game Mode

Token : PWC & Utility

The Pixel World Coin (PWC) is a token issued to maintain governance across the pixel universe ecosystem, as well as the Pixel Battle.
In Pixel Battle, all forms of currency can initially be earned from “Game mode”.
Even without an NFT, a user can log into the game and earn Cores through survival, arena and colosseum modes.
Cores can be used to gain an advantage in battle, which will lead to opportunities to gain even more Cores. All consumed Core will be accumulated in the Treasury(Reward) Pool. Cores accumulated in the Treasury Pool will be rewarded to Pixel Battle players via numerous game/system events, game system development and other reward systems. The total supply of PWCs is fixed at 1 billion.


Pilots can acquire Mecha NFTs within the game and enjoy various benefits with them. They can use Core, the in-game currency, to purchase Mechas from the shop and then convert them into NFTs.

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